I Stand With Teachers

Being an educator has never been easy, but 2020 posed greater challenges than any schools have ever faced. And, as usual, teachers rose to the occasion. When schools shut down overnight, teachers rallied and moved classes online. But that’s not all–like the essential workers they are, teachers continue to risk their health to serve students and families, be it to distribute tech to keep students connected, or meals to help families in need. Teachers are the plainclothes superheroes in our midst. They deserve to be heard and celebrated, and that’s why we’re going to Stand With Teachers on December 21st and we hope you’ll join us.

Framing life through the lens of
Henry Diltz

Teaching Through Tumultuous Time

TeachRock Partners with New York Edge
to Support Virtual After School Programs

NJ Teacher Jamie Warner is honored

Explore artist Mickalene Thomas as she creates positive change through collage

PJ Vegas on what it means to be indigenous on Thanksgiving since 1621​

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Framing life through the lens of
Henry Diltz

Legendary and award winning Rock and Roll photographer capturing the lives of some of the most influential musicians of the last 60 years. 

Album of the Month

Modern Folk Quartet
(Self-titled album)

The Modern Folk Quartet originated in Honolulu in the early 1960s. Henry Diltz, Chip Douglas, Cyrus Faryar, and Stan White created a sound that focused on acoustic instruments and group harmonies. Their debut, self-titled album, was appreciated by fellow musicians for the Folk-Rock transition they seamlessly created. An album review called their material “a superbly chosen selection of concurrently new traditional and original adaptations of standards from the folk music canon.


Teaching Through Tumultuous Time

Looking at tech to student ratio and what schools can provide or not.
Ignite + Influence

TeachRock Partners with New York Edge to Support Virtual After School Programs

Check out this unique art lesson that was one of the first taught to NYEdge participants. It was designed to reach students of all-ages. This lesson helps students explore the principles of synesthesia through Drawing to Music . By viewing and analyzing artwork based on multi sensory perception, students will become aware of the role of the senses in art, and how sensory stimulation—such as listening to music—can be used as a tool for inspiration

Teach Talk


Dr. Frady leads Orangethorpe elementary school in California to a successful distance learning 360 curriculum in a title 1 school.

Listen Up
December 4, 1956
Sun Studios in Memphis was honored with an impromptu jam session featuring Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis also known as the Million Dollar Quartet.
December 10, 1965
The Grateful Dead played their first concert. The show took place at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco, California. Between their debut show and 1969 they will play the Fillmore another 50 times.
December 18, 1975
After 6 years, Rod Stewart announced that he was leaving Faces for a solo career. The upcoming Asia tour was promptly cancelled.
December 6, 1988
Metallica filmed their first music video: the epic anti-war anthem “One.” Written by James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich.
December 7, 1999
12 years after their debut, The Blue Man Group, a performing arts company from NYC, released their debut album entitled "Audio."
December 28, 2003
50 Cent's debut album, Get Rich Or Die Tryin' was named the biggest selling album in the US in 2003 with the album going platinum six times over.
December 3, 2014
Spotify names singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran “The most-streamed artist in the world.” The 23-year-old garnered 860 million streams on the service, beating Eminem and Coldplay who came second and third respectively.
Plan It!

Explore artist Mickalene Thomas as she creates positive change through collage

The work of contemporary artist Mickalene Thomas has appeared in various forms and in places that go beyond the expected museum gallery wall. Known for her vibrant use of collage to center and celebrate Black women.

PJ Vegas on what it means to be indigenous on Thanksgiving since 1621

We have decided to pass the mic and put the Spotlight on an Indigenous friend of TeachRock, to learn more about how he considers this celebrated but also deeply problematic holiday. 

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